Terms of Sales


The present general terms are applicable to the self-catering rental accommodation offered by Domaine des Ormeaux, La Lande des Ormeaux, 24210 Ajat.
The contract is drawn up between the lessor, Sarl Clerjoux-Lalande, La Lande des Ormeaux, 24210 Ajat and the renter, hereafter referred to as "the client", a person over the age of 18 who is responsible for the rental.

The applicable rental terms are those designated in the present document and in the rental contract, which stipulates the specific terms of the rental. These documents are signed by both parties upon reservation.

The lessor agrees not to disclose to third parties any information that the client could provide during the execution of the present contract.
However, this last provision is not applicable in case of requests for information issued by administrations and/or courts of law.

The client signing the contract for a fixed term cannot, under any circumstances, claim the right to remain on the premises beyond the departure date initially set upon reservation.

The number of people occupying the accommodation cannot exceed the number indicated on the contract, under penalty of contract cancellation.
The rental cannot, under any circumstances, be transferred to a third party without prior written permission from the lessor.
Sub-letting is prohibited to the client under any circumstances, even free of charge, under penalty of contract cancellation.

Art 6 - RATES
The rates and periods to which they apply are listed under the "Rates" heading.
A specific sales offer will be provided in case of any rental request which includes services other than the services offered at these rates.

Reservation is effective upon the client's payment of deposit (30 % of the total amount of the stay) and receipt by the lessor of the contract stipulating in extenso the present general rental terms, duly signed by the client after adding "bon pour accord" ("read and approved") in handwriting.
The balance of the rental sum is to be paid the day of arrival.

The client pays a €500 security deposit for accommodation rental upon arrival.
If no damage imputable to the client is assessed on the day of departure, the security deposit will be refunded the same day.

If, to the contrary, damage is assessed, the security deposit will be refunded within a maximum limit of 15 days from the client's departure date, after deduction by the lessor of the amount necessary to restore the premises to their original state, make various repairs, etc.
The amount withheld must be duly justified by the lessor based on the state of repairs / inventory as recorded upon departure, bailiff's assessment, quotes, invoices, etc.
If the security deposit proves to be insufficient, the client agrees to settle the balance in full based on the evidence provided by the manager.

The state of repairs and inventory of the various furniture and equipment included as part of the rental accommodation will be jointly established by the client and the lessor, both at the beginning and at the end of the rental period.
If the inventory cannot be established upon arrival, the client will have twenty-four hours to verify the inventory and indicate any anomalies to the manager.
Beyond this time limit, the property provided for rental will be considered exempt of damages and the inventory will be considered in accordance with the description annexed to the contract upon entry by the client.
A state of repairs must be made in the presence of both parties upon departure. The client accepts that this state of repairs must be carried out either in the presence of the lessor or of his authorised representative bearing written authorisation.
If the lessor assesses damages, these will be mentioned on the state of repairs departure document or, in case they are assessed following departure, will inform the client of them within eight days.

The client will enjoy the rental premises in a tranquil manner and will make use of them in accordance with their intended purpose.
All the items listed on the inventory must be returned to the places where they were found upon arrival.
The client agrees not to move heavy furniture and, in any case, to restore each item of furniture to the position that it occupied when he or she entered the premises.
The client will bear the cost for repairs of any importance that are rendered necessary as a result of the client's negligence during the rental period.
The rental premises are intended for temporary habitation or holidays, to the exclusion of professional, commercial or manufacturing activities of any nature.
The installation of tents or the parking of caravans on the property rented is strictly prohibited.

Arrivals are made between 4:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., and departures are made before 10:30 a.m.
In case of late arrival, it is imperative that the client inform the lessor.

The client agrees to insure himself or herself against rental hazards (fire, theft, water damage). The client must therefore verify whether his or her principal habitation insurance contract includes coverage for holiday rental.
Agreement to the general rental terms is equivalent to a sworn statement that such insurance has been taken out.
If such is not the case, the client must contact his or her insurance company to request an extension of the policy or take out a specific policy for holiday rental.
In case of an accident, failing to be insured will result in damages and interests. The lessor agrees to insure the accommodation against rental hazards on behalf of the client, who is under obligation to indicate any accident which occurred on the premises, its dependences and accessories, within twenty-four hours of the event. The following are not under the responsibility of the lessor:
- damages to vehicles parked outside
- damages suffered by third parties
- theft or disappearance of personal effects from the rental accommodation, including from individual safes, common areas, car parks and all other areas of Domaine des Ormeaux.

Regarding the accommodation unit XVII, access to the mezzanine (additional b

The lessor makes various equipment available to the clients of the rental accommodation: a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, an infra-red sauna, gardens, car parks, etc. which can be used by any of the renters.
This equipment should be shared with other renters in a friendly way and with respect for the tranquillity of others.
In particular, other guests' rest should be respected so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant stay (noise when arriving late, evening meals, activities in the garden or swimming pool, etc).
If disturbances are made, or if these clauses are not observed, the owner reserves the right to prohibit the troublemakers from entering the common areas or put an end to their stay (see cancellation clauses).
In any case, the use of the common areas remains under the responsibility of the occupants using them, and in particular the swimming pool, jacuzzi and spa, where the renters agree to supervise their children's safety.

Art 14 - PETS
We regret to inform you that we cannot admit pets to the premises.

All the accommodation units are non-smoking units, and cleaning fees (€250) will be charged if this rule is not observed. Smoking is also prohibited in all covered and enclosed areas.

The lessor must be notified of any cancellation by registered letter or email:

a) Cancellation originating with the client:
- one month or more from the beginning of the rental period, the client loses the deposit paid,
- within one month from the beginning of the rental period, the client will also pay the balance between the deposit and the full amount of the rental by way of a penalty clause,

b) If the client does not arrive within 24 hours of the date of arrival stated in the contract.
- the present contract is cancelled,
- the deposit remains the property of the lessor and the client will also pay the balance between the deposit and the full amount of the rental by way of a penalty clause,
- the premises is at the disposal of the lessor.

c) If the client arrives to take possession of the premises with a number of occupants superior to the number stipulated in the contract, or if the lessor notices the presence of a pet that has not been approved with the lessor's written permission, the present contract will be cancelled ex facto according to the terms described in the above paragraph 16-B.

a) Cancellation originating with the lessor:
Before admission to the premises:
If the present contract is cancelled by the lessor before the client is admitted to the premises for any reason whatsoever except force majeure, he will pay the client three times the amount of the deposit paid.
This compensation will be sent to the client by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt within fifteen days from notification of cancellation.

After admission to the premises:
When the contract is cancelled by the lessor during the rental period, the cancellation must be duly justified (failure to pay rental balance, payment by cheque with insufficient funds, damages to the premises, complaints from neighbours, the presence of non-admitted pets, the presence of non-authorised occupants, etc.).
Cancellation for any reason implies that all amounts paid to the lessor remain in his possession.

Any complaint must be addressed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within a maximum limit of eight days following the contractual end of the rental period.
Any dispute falls within the jurisdiction of the Périgueux court of law.